The Value of ApeX Predator NFT and ApeX NFT Games (One Last Ape Standing)

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6 min readApr 8, 2022

NFT gaming is one of the biggest developments that intrigues both developers and gamers because of its common impact on the digital audience. All over the world, gamers are seeking out rare items, collecting limited NFTs, unlocking scarce art to hold, sell, or play-to-earn.

As NFTs move from just pieces of artworks or JPEG that you buy, hold, and sell as you wish, to a play-to-earn model which provides opportunities for players to earn money as they play, gamers are monetizing their playing time by buying and selling in-game NFTs or completing tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards.

What is NFT game/gaming?

NFT games are gaming platforms where in-game collectibles such as non-fungible tokens are traded over secondary marketplaces for rewards in the form of fiat or cryptocurrency. While NFT gaming introduces the play-to-earn category, the gaming platform enables players to earn rewards by playing games and trading the in-game assets they receive. NFT games are very beneficial to players as it continues to give value in exchange for time to their active players.

These in-game assets include collectibles, weapons, avatars, rewards, inventories, and so much more and it varies based on the NFT game. The interesting fact is that this in-game NFT asset can be monetized either in the same game marketplace or in a secondary marketplace.

Notably, NFT gaming platforms are dependent solely on the blockchain. They’re built on and this paves the way for the architecture of the platform to store data and secure the ownership of the in-game assets. Popular play-to-earn games include Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, CryptoKitties Decentraland, Evolution Land, DungeonSwap, Sorare, and more. These are just a few popular NFT games available in the digital space, with more enticing ones coming up.

How is NFT gaming beneficial to gamers?

In the traditional gaming sector, the only people that benefit are developers and parties involved with the gaming platform, while players are left with nothing. NFT gaming has paved the way for a play-to-earn model in the virtual world. While in the blockchain gaming economy, players are rewarded for active participation. For every task that is completed, players get rewarded and they can monetize them either on the same game marketplace or a secondary marketplace.

ApeX Protocol

ApeX is a decentralized non-custodial, permissionless, censorship-resistant perpetual derivative protocol that enables the introduction of perpetual swap markets for any token pairs. With no intermediaries involved, ApeX protocol users can relegate crypto derivatives on the Ethereum blockchain while maintaining total control over their private keys.

ApeX aims to empower traders around the world by enabling open and transparent financial tools that can help preserve and grow their wealth.


ApeX protocol launched its beta version on Arbitrum mainnet on February 28, 2022, and released a total number of 4,580 pieces of its original series of NFTs with special attributes to the public on March 8, 2022, and sold out on March 11, 2022.

ApeX NFT has the subscription interest of the protocol’s governance token, as well as the proof of equity interest of its VIPs in ApeX’s future Loyalty Program. Apart from trading and token equity attributes, ApeX NFTs are very valuable as art collection pieces.

A total of 20 ApeX OG NFTs were sold in the form of whitelist invitations, and the owners of these 20 ApeX OG collections are well-known leaders, senior researchers, and investors of DeFi projects. OG NFTs are the most valuable and rarest ApeX Game NFTs. Holder of OG NFTs, are entitled to the most exclusive user benefits on the ApeX protocol and will be eligible to participate in protocol governance and more on the ApeX project.

The remaining 4,560 ApeX Predators NFTs were successfully minted on March 11, 2022, bringing early adopters to the protocol and building the community together. For more insights, visit:

ApeX Loyalty Program enables NFT holders to get the eligibility to grab a tiered transaction fee discount. ApeX predator NFT holders will enjoy a 8% lifetime transaction fee discount when trading on the ApeX protocol, while OG NFT holders will enjoy a 50% lifetime transaction fee discount.The public sale of the ApeX NFT has facilitated the ApeX protocol to communicate and build its brand value and culture to audiences in the Web 3.0 space.

The ApeX NFT gaming phase, known as One Last Ape Standing, is an in-game activity where participants who hold the ApeX NFTs are eligible to receive the ApeX token from the reward pool within a period of time.

In addition, to take part in the in-game activities of One Last Ape Standing, you can purchase Apex NFT on OpenSea at any time. Users have the option to burn their NFT to withdraw from the game anytime.

The entry tickets for the ApeX NFT Game and the ApeX Loyalty Program are the ApeX Predator NFTs. All early holders of Predator NFTs are entitled to exclusive benefits — the longer the holding period, the more rewards received. An amount of 0.2 ETH will be given to ApeX Predators NFT holders for each NFT held. When the ApeX NFT Game officially starts, all rebate rewards will be issued accordingly.

In short, ApeX NFTs on the ApeX protocol serves the following utilities:

1. ApeX NFTs will serve as the only proof within ApeX’s Loyalty Program in the future.

2. ApeX NFTs will have the subscription interest of the protocol’s governance token.

3. ApeX NFTs holders will be granted more privileges throughout its marketing campaigns, airdrop activities, and major events at the product level.

ApeX NFT Game: One Last Ape Standing

The ApeX team has adopted the idea of NFT gaming hence, we present the ApeX NFT Game — One Last Ape Standing. The main gameplay and inspiration behind the ApeX NFT game is the squid game model, or a coordination game. Each individual can decide whether he or she would want to immediately receive tokens, or HODL them for a longer time and stand a chance to earn from a larger pool that includes tokens forfeited by those who burn their NFTs early.

Each in-game ApeX NFT (ApeX Predator NFTs) is worth up to 4,500 $APEX. Holders can get a bonus within the ApeX NFT Game that will last for 6 months, and stand a chance to win up to 123,630 APEX by participating in the ApeX NFT Game.

Holders need to burn their ApeX predator NFTs to redeem the APEX tokens. ApeX NFT game rewards can be divided into two parts, which are base rewards and bonuses. The amount of bonuses one can get depends on two factors: holding time and the number of remaining NFTs in the game.

The rewards an NFT holder can get within the ApeX NFT game is calculated as follows:

  • Time passed: the length of time you hold the NFT during the game period, which will last for a total of 180 days.
  • Vault: current prize pool amount.
  • nftCount(remain): the number of remaining NFTs in the game.
  • 1500 stands for APEX tokens that will be distributed linearly one the game begins.

According to the ApeX game settings, only 60% of the total bonuses will be distributed to participants who choose to burn their NFTs, and the remaining 40% will stay in the prize pool.

The Floor price of ApeX NFTs is 0.85eth at the time of writing compared to the mint price of 0.45eth, and is growing (for more insights visit :

In summary, the longer your NFT holding period, the more $APEX rewards you can grab. Except for the main gameplay itself, ApeX will launch a series of marketing campaigns jointly with other star NFT projects, which will benefit all ApeX NFT holders.

Concluding thoughts

The NFT gaming marketplace will add value to gamers and the NFT project as more gaming protocols continue to emerge. Let’s not also fail to mention that NFT games will mix the real and virtual worlds soon. These games will integrate interoperability, fitness games just like the StepN game that rewards players with NFT badges as they hit the target goal, and lots more. The use of NFTs means that players can be sole owners of a game item which they can choose to either trade, sell or hold; they will be in full control. We believe play-to-earn will be the future of the NFT gaming space.

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