ApeX NFTs Public Sale Round Completed

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2 min readMar 11, 2022


We’re pleased to announce that the public sale of ApeX Game NFTs has completed at 4PM UTC on March 11, 2022. A total of 4,560 ApeX Predators NFTs have been successfully minted.

We’d like to express our special thanks to all participants of the public sale round, ApeX partners, our valued followers, and everyone who has been involved in the project.

To all minters and hodlers, you can view your ApeX NFT here — https://app.apex.exchange/nft/my

Rebate, $APEX TGE in April and NFT Game

We’re aware that the original pricing of 0.45 ETH for each ApeX Predator NFT needed to be revamped given the market volatility and price fluctuations of ETH. The ApeX team, as a result, has made strategic moves and launched the rebate campaign (You can read more about it here — https://apexdex.medium.com/apex-nft-rebates-campaign-152b521ea7e0). We hope that this rebate will make your new journey with ApeX smoother and more delightful!

The rebate rewards and $APEX tokens will be issued to holders of the ApeX Predators NFTs in April — when our Token Generation Event (TGE) officially goes live. Holders of the ApeX Predators NFTs would be able to head to the ApeX dApp to claim 0.2 ETH for each ApeX NFT that they hold.

As an ApeX NFT holder, you can head over here to our homepage (https://app.apex.exchange/nft/my) and connect your wallet, check out the ApeX NFT game tab where we explain the game rules in detail.

Each holder is also entitled to 4,500 $APEX, out of which 3,000 tokens can be claimed immediately on the day of the TGE if he/she chooses to burn the NFT. An additional 1,500 tokens will be unlocked linearly within six months if the holder continues to own his/her NFT(s). With this, long-term supporters get to truly be rewarded for hodling.

APEX Staking and Listing Plans

Another good news is — staking will also be supported on the ApeX protocol on the day of the TGE! 30% of the trading fees on the ApeX protocol will be allocated based on a weighted average to all users who’ve successfully staked $APEX. Each holder of the ApeX Predators NFTs can also enjoy a 8% cashback on his/her trading fees once the TGE starts.

The official launch of our decentralized exchange (DEX) and the listing of $APEX will also kick off in April.

More information about the ApeX protocol and product pipelines will be released soon. Stay tuned and follow us on social media to stay connected!

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