ApeX NFT Rebates Campaign

ApeX Dex
Mar 9, 2022

Don’t hit snooze on the good news…

Our ApeX NFT Rebates Campaign is now live — All ApeX Predators NFT holders are eligible to receive 0.2 ETH for each NFT held!

All rewards will be issued after The Last Ape Standing officially starts in April.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must hold ApeX Predators NFT(s) at the time when The Last Ape Standing game starts.
  • Each ApeX Predators NFT is eligible for 0.2 ETH as the rebate reward.
  • There’s no limit to the number of ApeX Predators NFTs each wallet can hold and the max. amount of rebates each holder is entitled to. The max. amount of rebates for the campaign, however, is capped at 0.2 ETH *4,560.

*All ApeX Predators NFT holders will be auto enrolled in the campaign and are eligible for the rebate rewards



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