The Predator Project — Community Contributors & Community Builders 2.0

Learn more about how you can participate in Apex’s Predator Project below!

Apex’s community consists of many members with extensive skills. By contributing to the Apex community, and being an active community contributor, you could earn from a prize pool of $6,000 USDT.

Community Contributors

Content Creators
- Write content about Apex Protocol
- Create, and share your content on your own channels

Active Community Contributor
- Join our community calls and be an active part of the discussion over at our community calls

Translate existing content and tutorials
- Translate content about Apex into your native languages

Want your efforts to be rewarded? Fill up the form here for our community contributors!

Community contributors stand to earn from a pool of $3,000 USDT per month for their efforts in contributing to the Apex Community, subject to review from our internal team.


As Apex consists of a global community with individuals all around the world, our goal is to be an inclusive community, and thus we will actively be looking for community builders.

To apply to be a Community Builder with us, please fill up the form here.

As a Community Builder, stand to earn from a pool of $3000 USDT monthly for your contribution. Community Builders will also be given a special role and invited to a private group with direct access to the Apex team.


  1. Engage with the global and local community on Discord and Telegram, and generate conversation!
  2. Support in translating documentation and website when needed. Translate announcements, articles sent out by the team within 24 hours.
  3. Introduce local KOLs/influencers/network to Apex Team and participate in our discussions in global channels.
  4. Regularly RT and Like our Twitter announcements and posts.
  5. Community builders stand to earn from a pool of $3,000 USDT per month for engaging their communities, subject to review from our internal team.

For outstanding community builders, we’d be happy to explore potential long term partnership opportunities with you as our local representatives and to explore growth opportunities for you with Apex Protocol. Want to take part? Sign up here!

Discord | Telegram | Twitter



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