Take-Profit & Stop-Loss Now Available on ApeX Pro

ApeX Pro is thrilled to announce add-ons for two order features — Take-Profit and Stop-Loss — so you can continue maximizing your permissionless perpetual contract trades in the safest way possible. Mitigate your losses with:

  • Take-Profit (TP): Close your position once you’ve reached a specified level of profit.

You can access TP/SL features at the order history section at the bottom of the trading page, under “Positions” for any of ApeX Pro’s available order types, namely Limit, Market or Conditional orders. Depending on the order execution conditions, you can only select TP/SL after the underlying Limit or Conditional orders are executed and placed under “Positions”.

Please note that TP/SL orders are Reduce-Only orders and can only be filled at Last Traded Price.

For a detailed guide on how to enable TP/SL, check out ApeX Pro’s Gitbook.



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