ApeX Staking Program: Start Earning Now!

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3 min readJul 1, 2022

Traders, we’d like to kickstart the month of July with a bang..

ICYMI, the long-expected ApeX Staking Program is now live!

By staking on the ApeX protocol, you’ll be able to claim two types of rewards — esAPEX and veAPEX.

What are esAPEX and veAPEX?

esAPEX is a staking reward that can be auto claimed and credited back to your account when you unstake tokens or make a new staking. You may vest your esAPEX, which will be converted into APEX after a vesting period of six months. Alternatively, you can re-stake your esAPEX to grab additional esAPEX!

veAPEX is a unique certificate that proves you’ve successfully staked esAPEX and/or APEX on the protocol. The amount of veAPEX you hold will be reduced when you unstake tokens. As a holder of veAPEX, you can participate in ApeX governance. You’ll also earn, on a weekly basis, a share of the 30% trading fee rebates allocated for veAPEX holders*. //12345578//

What are the staking pools?

On ApeX, there are two staking pools — the core pool and fee pool.

The core pool is used for liquidity mining. By providing liquidity on the ApeX protocol, users can get liquidity provider (LP) tokens. Users who hold these tokens can stake in the core pool and claim esAPEX.

Users can then stake esAPEX and/or APEX to the fee pool to grab additional esAPEX, and earn veAPEX as the certificate.

What else should I take note of?

The best part is, your staking period can be either flexible or fixed based on your investment appetite! A flexible staking period allows you to unstake tokens anytime, while a fixed period supports a staking period ranging from one to 26 weeks.

Do note that the longer your staking period, the more rewards you can win. If you choose a fixed staking period of 26 weeks, your final rewards will increase twofold!

It’s that simple. Ready to watch your wallet grow hassle free? Stake now!

*ApeX will reserve 30% of its trading fees as ETH rewards for veAPEX holders, and the reward amount each holder is entitled to depends on their staking quantity. Please note that if you are also generating fee rewards from other campaigns (e.g referral campaign), you will be receiving a net rebate (the sum of the rewards from different campaigns minus duplicate values) with the highest fee rate.

ApeX Staking Program: New Launch

What will be my staking rewards?

  • esAPEX can be vested for APEX conversion, and re-staked for additional esAPEX rewards
  • veAPEX serves as a certificate that allows you protocol governance rights and ETH fee rewards

What are the staking pools?

  • Core pool facilitates liquidity providers to claim their esAPEX
  • Fee pool allows liquidity providers to stake esAPEX and/or APEX

What are the staking periods?

  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed terms of 1–26 weeks



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