ApeX Protocol Meme Competition

Are you a memelord? Do you love NFTs, decentralization, trading, and layer 2s? Is your instagram feed full of memes? Then this is the competition for you!

We at ApeX Protocol have decided to put together a new contest for our community. It’s time to get creative with your memes! Get creative, and stand to win some $APEX tokens when we’re live on TGE!

What can I win in the Meme competition?

We hear you, you want more activity and engagement in our communities, and so we’ve created this campaign that you get to be a part of! Get creative, and make things viral!

We want you to be well rewarded for your memes, and will thus be giving out a 1000USD prize pool of $APEX tokens for our Meme competition!

1st: 250USD
2nd: 200USD
3rd: 150USD
4th: 100USD
5th: 50USD
6th-10th: 25USD each


  1. Follow @officialapexdex on Twitter, and join our discord — https://discord.gg/366Puqavwx
  2. Create your meme.
  3. Tweet your meme on your Twitter account, tag @officialapexdex, tag three friends and use the hashtag #apexdexmeme
  4. Share with us your meme on #meme channel on our discord.
  5. Complete the form here along with your details — https://forms.gle/zdFvNjRqmMuVrNRe9


  1. Each participant can submit 1 meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed.
  2. You will need to be at least level 3 on discord, check your level on #check-level
  3. Please keep your memes family-friendly, no NSFW memes.
  4. Share your memes/tweets on the #memes channel on discord during the competition.

Picking the winners:

The ApeX core team will choose the winners based on the originality, sense of humor, and quality of the meme, as well as those that gets more traction on Twitter (likes, RTs, and comments). Be sure to get your friends to interact with your tweet/meme in order to increase your chances of winning!

We will also be looking out for active discord community members, that are actively engaging in the community, that will go towards points as well! If you’d like, check your rank over at #check-rank.

Deadline for submissions is 8th April, 2359 SGT (GMT+8)

We wish all of our community members the best, but most of all, have fun!

Signing off, the ApeX team.

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