ApeX Protocol is Moving to the ApeX Blog!

ApeX Dex
2 min readNov 8, 2022

A shoutout to all ApeXers!

Thanks for being with ApeX Protocol as we launched this year, and we’re glad we were able to share so many exciting campaigns, events and moments of continuous Web3 innovation with you. Before the year ends, here’s one last good news for you.

We’ll be moving to our very own ApeX Blog!

Why We’re Moving:

  • We want you to be able to get all ApeX Pro-related news instantly at a glance, without having to look in multiple places.
  • This includes AMA Special recaps, new feature exploration, new listing announcements, any platform updates, campaigns and deals, and even tutorials and videos to better navigate the world of Web 3.0 social trading together.
  • Easier page-to-page shifting for enhanced usability, so you’ll be able to move from the blog to the trading platform to immediately participate on ApeX Pro, and vice-versa if you need to check out more information on a newly released event or function from any of the trading pages

Access the Blog:

And not to fret, the ApeX DEX official Medium page will still be up for reference to past activities. If you want the latest news on ApeX, the blog is where you want to be.

Thank you for your support as always, and we look forward to hosting you on the ApeX Blog soon!

*All documentation can be found and will remain on ApeX’s Gitbook.



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