ApeX Pro: Order Book Launches Protocol to a New Web 3.0 Social Trading Era

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4 min readJul 27, 2022

Back in February 2022, the gateways of inclusive, decentralized access to the crypto perpetual swaps market were opened with the launch of ApeX Protocol. We introduced ApeX eAMM, where trading pairs are set up with a single asset provision, and orders are automatically executed based on smart contracts.

The ApeX Protocol has made significant progress in realizing its Web 3.0 vision — it aims to shape a free and open ecosystem for all users to grow their wealth in a safe and trusted environment, where they can participate within an interconnected metacommunity.

And as it continues to build the future of permissionless, decentralized derivatives trading, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of ApeX Pro, where you can get limitless access to cross-margined perpetual contracts under a new social trading framework. [ It’s about time to use ApeX Pro: Are you ready? ]

An Impetus for Change: From ApeX eAMM to ApeX Pro

ApeX Pro is an upgrade on the ApeX Protocol that aims to establish a Web 3.0 social trading platform, leveraging first on the rollout of a new order book feature to co-exist with ApeX Protocol’s current eAMM offering.

The benefits of the eAMM model have been extensively proven in a decentralized environment. Similarly, the ApeX Protocol has succeeded in:

  • Improving interoperability and tackling the impermanent loss problem , bringing a higher degree of capital inefficiency to on-chain derivatives trades
  • Upholding a fully permissionless platform with no need for KYC restrictions or intermediaries in trades, allowing users to freely trade, as well as create pools and markets with any underlying assets
  • Maximizing security provisions where users maintain control of their private keys, and introducing the Protocol Control Value (PCV) model, an alternative to the Total Value Locked (TVL) module, that ensures locked assets in smart contracts are owned by the protocol, thereby guaranteeing the sustained liquidity of perpetual contract trades made.

ApeX Protocol remains committed to further bridging the gap between derivatives traders and Web 3.0 innovations with upcoming enhancements. An integrated and open social trading platform marks ApeX Protocol’s next stop, beginning with an optimized order book offering on the brand new ApeX Pro.

Scaling Up for Better Trades

ApeX Pro will offer its flagship cross-margined perpetual swap trading platform to users with an upgrade — by integrating the best of order book architecture on top of the current framework.

The addition of the order book interface helps to:

  • Enhance capital efficiency for users who intend to invest or trade with fewer funds but are still looking for high liquidity provisions
  • Increase flexibility in orders with advanced charting functions, plus visible asks and bids that will help users take more informed trading action(s)
  • Accelerate the growth of the ApeX metacommunity as the order book interface bridges the gap between users who are used to utilizing order books for trades and a new realm of trading opportunities offered by the world of DeFi
  • Provide higher trading performance with enhanced market exposure with leverage and other trading features
  • Support multi-chain deposits and withdrawals for EVM-compatible chains

Anatomy of the ApeX Ecosystem

The journey does not stop here. In a rapidly morphing crypto landscape where milestone innovations frequently come into play, ApeX Protocol is charting the course for decentralization to match the needs of individual users — all by kickstarting a new era of Web 3.0 social trading on ApeX Pro.

Over the coming months, ApeX Pro will launch greater feature and service add-ons so users can be a part of its extensive social ecosystem:

  • Creation of DIDs: Get access to a customizable, personal trading dashboard
  • New Tokens & Perks: NFT and in-game tokens will be made available to users who participate within the ApeX Protocol ecosystem
  • The ApeX DAO: ApeX Protocol is working towards building a DEX infrastructure where ownership of the platform is eventually conferred upon our users

The roadmap is designed to be accessible by open markets, as ApeX Protocol continues to foster community-led development and establish sustainable growth practices that can support the protocol in perpetuity.

ApeX Pro Timeline

  1. August 2022: Public beta launch of ApeX Pro
  2. Mid-August to October 2022: Launch of BANA trade-and-earn pool
  3. End October 2022: ApeSoul (SBT) Minting Event
  4. Slated for Q4 2022 to Q1 2023: Apex Pro’s social trading feature launch and the development of ApeSoul ecosystem development and partnerships

Delve deep into ApeX Pro’s underlying technology and infrastructure as more details are soon to come!

Stay tuned to our official channels to get the newest ApeX Pro updates — new promotions, exclusive deals, and exciting events alike — as soon as they’re released.

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