25,000 USDC in Rewards With ApeX Pro’s Feedback Campaign

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3 min readAug 13, 2022

In celebration of the ApeX Pro public beta launch, we invite all community members to join our user experience journey and participate in our Beta Feedback Campaign for the chance of winning rewards in USDC.

Try out our flagship non-custodial trading platform that delivers limitless access to cross-margined perpetual contracts, and stand a chance of winning up to 500 USDC per qualified participant.

Campaign Period
Beta Launch: Sept. 1, 2022
Mainnet Launch: To be confirmed — mainnet launch date may be adjusted depending on feedback from the beta launch period

➡️ Feedback for Up to 500 USDC per Participant in Rewards!

Burning with feedback after trying ApeX Pro out? Here’s your chance to earn up to 500 USDC (per qualified participant) by social sharing because trades made together on ApeX Pro are better. From Sept. 1, 2022 until mainnet launches, submit your feedback and be rewarded.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the feedback campaign as long as you’ve tried ApeX Pro!

Based on the quality of feedback, qualified participants are eligible to claim rewards of amounts between 20–500 USDC each.

Grab Rewards in 3 Steps

#1 Tell us what you like on ApeX Pro’s order book model and the things you think could use some improvements! You’ll need to:

  • Create your review in the form of a video, article on Medium or a Twitter thread
  • Remember to include screenshots wherever applicable
  • Share the review on Twitter and tag three (3) traders who you follow in the tweet

Try ApeX Pro here: https://apex.exchange/

#2 Share the link of your review(s) on ApeX Pro’s Feedback Campaign Channel on Discord:

Follow the instructions and submit the form with your details. Your feedback should come in one (1) message only, and it should also contain a link to the content created on Twitter, together with your wallet address.

#3 Wait for the team to evaluate your submissions.

Evaluation Criteria

Traders are welcome to provide any feedback on ApeX Pro’s new features, product offerings or any functional issues experienced. Trading platform design feedback will not be counted.

As ApeX Pro continues to build a trading platform to fit every individual trader’s needs, your honest feedback is invaluable to us in making much needed improvements. There’s no time to waste — try out ApeX Pro today and tell us what you think, big or small.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. ApeX Pro’s Beta Launch phase begins Sept. 1, 2022, and will last until the Mainnet phase begins, which will be confirmed at a later date. Changes to the mainnet release date may occur, based on feedback received in the first phase and improvements that need to be made.
  2. Feedback submitted under the Feedback Campaign will be reviewed and evaluated one (1) week after mainnet launches.
  3. Traders in either the professional trader or KOL category who participated in the APEX airdrop event can participate in the feedback campaign and be eligible for corresponding rewards. The feedback campaign is open to all traders who’ve tried out ApeX Pro even if they are not under the professional traders or KOL category.
  4. Qualified participants with great feedback can claim their rewards from the third trade-and-earn epoch onwards [approximately four (4) weeks], after ApeX Pro launches on mainnet.



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